Zuzu and Zaza are twin characters in Peppa Pig.


They are little twin sisters of Zoë, and they are the daughters of Mummy Zebra and Daddy Zebra.


As Toddlers, they are a lot like the others. They are energetic and playful, and enjoy spending time with their older sister when they're not playing with each other or the other toddlers. They are regarded as cute by Peppa and her friends.


Zuzu and Zaza resemble Zoe and their parents. They are black and white striped with a pink nose and dark pink lips. They have black stripes on each leg and arm, black hands, and black tails. One has a black right ear, while the other has a black left ear. They both wear black shoes and lavender dresses.


  • They're the only sibling set to share their first initial with their other sibling.
  • They‘re also the first sibling set to be the same height as George.
  • They‘re the second set of twins to be of the same gender next to Mummy Rabbit and Miss Rabbit.


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