Zoë Zebra the Postman's Daughter
Season 2, Episode 28
Overall episode 80
Air date 6 March, 2007
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The Long Grass

Zoe Zebra sends a letter to Peppa Pig and George Pig that asks if they would like to go to her party and they write a letter that says that they would like to come to her party. Peppa and her friends drop off their letters then everyone leaves. Zoe and her dad come to pick up the letters. Peppa and George ask if they could come and drop of the letters. Daddy Zebra says yes, they drop off the letters then inside Zoe's house they look at the letters and everyone said they would like to come to her party. Everyone comes inside. Zoe says that she has a lot of gifts and her mum says she will be writing lots of letters. Her dad asks who will be delivering all of those letters then Zoe says, "You will daddy but I can help!" and everyone laughs at the end!


Today is Zoë Zebra's birthday! She is wiriting all of these thank you letters for her friends invited to her birthday party.


Peppa: "Can George and I come along too?"

Zoe: "Wow! So many presents!"

Mrs. Zebra: "You will be writing lots of thank you letters, Zoë!" 

Mr. Zebra: *sighs* "And who's going to deliver all those thank you letters?"

Zoe: "You are, Daddy, but I can help!" 

Mr. Zebra: "All of the post is for Zoe!"

Zoe Zebra: "Yes, Daddy."


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