Wendy Wolf is a young girl in Peppa Pig.


Wendy is the daughter of Mr. Wolf and Mummy Wolf.


Wendy is a light grey wolf with black eyes and nose. She has rosy pink cheeks and a matching-colored mouth of a darker shade than the color of her cheeks. She wears the same black shoes that almost everyone else does, along with a pink-lilac dress. She looks similar to Danny Dog when he dresses up as the Big Bad Wolf in the School Play and Pumpkin Party.


Wendy is a friendly child who gets along with the other children. She is normally only seen with the playgroup and has a lot of fun with them. She seems to be a little like Rebecca, in that she is a bit more quiet than some of the others, and she also appears to be a bit knowledgeable on certain subjects.


Season 4


  • I'll huff and I'll puff and I--.


  • Wendy is the only child around Peppa's age to debut in the fourth season.
  • The catchphrase above is a reference to the children's book The Three Little Pigs.
  • During International Day she represented Australia.
  • She lives in the woods.
  • It is unknow if she has a grandpa or not
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