Madame Gazelle is a Vampire

episode Pumpkin Party (see episode here ) hints that Madame Gazelle is a Vampire by showing that Madame Gazelle doesn't have a reflection in the mirror! It seems like it's just an adults joke, but there is actually more sense to it.

(Not) Getting Older

Madame Gazelle is shown to never age - her natural skin never changes, let alone wrinkles. This

Madame Gazelle teaching Mummy and Daddy Pig's Class.

is hinting that although she never ages, she always stays an adult, so maybe she was cursed when she was an adult.

Keeping the Secret

Some adults are hinted to know about the secret. For example, Mummy Pig had a certain look about her when she said "Thinking about it, Madam Gazelle must be very old!" in Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party. Also, in Pumpkin Party, when Suzy asked her mummy what a vampire was, Mummy Sheep just said

Mummy Sheep, "not" knowing what a vampire is.

; "Oh. A vampire is someone who sleeps in the day and stays awake all night." - so it was clear that she was stupid.

Or was she??? (Clue: She wasn't just stupid.) In fact, Mummy Sheep was actually lying to protect her former teacher. Madame Gazelle isn't nocturnal AND she doesn't have fangs (at least, not in the daytime...)

Please contact me to tell me more facts about how Madame Gazelle is a Vampire!!!

Amayamay123 (talk) 21:21, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

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