Teddy's Day Out
Season 2, Episode 4
Overall episode 56
Air date 7 September, 2006
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Peppa Pig - Teddy's Day Out

Peppa Pig - Teddy's Day Out

Teddy's Day Out is the 4th episode of season two, and the 56th episode overall.


After the Pig Family goes out to a picnic, Peppa accidentally leaves Teddy behind.


Peppa and her family are preparing for a picnic. They check to make sure they have everything and Mummy Pig warns everyone to make sure they don't leave behind anything. As they get into the car, George suddenly realises he left behind Mr. Dinosaur in the house and bursts into tears. Daddy Pig goes to fetch it as Mummy Pig scolds him, and the same happens after Peppa realises she left Teddy in the house. Daddy Pig runs in to grab it, then they drive off to the picnic sight and set up.

To their surprise, Mr. Zebra and Zoe have come by to have a picnic as well, so the Pig's join them to just join them so that they can combine their separate picnics. They agree, and sit down to eat.

After the children finish their food, they run off to play Tea Party with Zoe and her tea set. They are joined by the ducks for a moment, who have come by to see if they got any food. But they leave after finding out that they are using "pretend" tea and food.

Mummy Pig announces that it is now time for them to leave. Everyone packs up and takes off, with Peppa unaware that she dropped Teddy - which doesn't go unnoticed by Zoe as she packs her play set to leave.

As soon as the Pig Family arrive for home, it occurs to Peppa that she left Teddy back at the Picnic Spot. Mummy scolds her for this and mentions that Daddy Pig will need to drive the entire way back, much to his hesitation. But before they can leave, Mr. Zebra arrives and shows them a package that Zoe has. Inside of it, Peppa finds Teddy, causing Zoe to explain that she left it behind. Peppa promises to take better care of Teddy from now on and scolds it for being naughty, then everyone starts to laugh.


  • Zoe: Oh no, You shouldn't be here!
  • Daddy Pig: I'll watch some....


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  • In the family baskets, a jar of honey and two blankets could be seen. During the picnic though, they were not shown at the table or used at all.