Suzy Sheep is one of the characters in Peppa Pig.


Suzy is Peppa's best friend. They have known each other since they were babies, with their mothers, Mummy Sheep and Mummy Pig being good friends. She has a stuffed owl that she loves as much as Peppa loves Teddy, or George loves Mr. Dinosaur.


Suzy shares a lot of interest with Peppa and the other girls. She prefers feminine games, but also enjoys playing sports and in the mud, just like the others. She loves to dress up as a nurse, and often uses the "knowledge" she learns to apply it to various situations, such as when Ms. Rabbit fell and had to rest. It’s implied that deep down she is actually caring towards people, and plans on pursuing an interest in nursing when she is older.

However, like Peppa, Suzy also has an attitude some of the time and can be as pushy or bossy as her at times. Usually using force to get what she wants, or giving Peppa grief due to her chatty behavior and then making the day difficult for her when she challenged her not to speak. But Suzy is still Peppa's best friend and often misses her when she isn't home to play with.

Suzy has also shown to be a bit air-headed or easily confused by various things, such as pronouncing "Fun Run" as "Funny Run", or asking something she mistook for something literal and making others laugh.


Suzy is a white sheep with a pink nose, dark pink lips, and pale pink cheeks. She has basic white ears, and a fluffy tail. She wears a pink dress, blue underpants, blue vest plain black shoes.

Nick description

Suzy Sheep is Peppa's friend and their favorite game is dress up. Peppa is always a fairy princess and Suzy likes to dress up as a Nurse. Suzy Sheep is the bossy but playful best friend of Peppa's. She is voiced by Meg Hall (UK).


"Hello Peppa!"

- Multiple Episodes

"No I'm not!"

- Multiple Episodes
"Shh! Quiet! In the Hospital!"
Richard Rabbit Comes to Play
"This one is still blinking! You're Out!"
Edmond Elephant's Birthday

You talk too much! You go "Blah blah blah blah blah"! Just like that! "Blah blah blah"! - Chatterbox

"I'm not a real nurse, it's only pretend"


  • She has an imaginary friend named Leo Lion.
  • Some episodes of the series was banned in certain parts of the world due to Suzy looking naked when she had her gym uniform on. 
  • It is unknown if Suzy has a father. But this makes her the only child without two parents shown in the series.
  • Suzy and her Mother are one of the few only family members shown wearing nearly identical colors. Both she and Mummy Sheep wear pink, with Mummy Sheep's dress being a shade darker than Suzy's.