Suzy Sheep is a supporting character in "Peppa Pig".


Suzy Sheep is best friends with Peppa and it is possible that she has a crush on Freddy Fox. She can sometimes be vossy to Peppa but will always be her best friend. She was friends with Peppa since she was a baby.



Suzy Sheep's face is White and she wears a pink dress.

Nick description

Suzy Sheep is Peppa's friend and their favorite game is dress up. Peppa is always a fairy princess and Suzy likes to dress up as a Nurse. Suzy Sheep is the bossy but playful best friend of Peppa's. She is voiced by Meg Hall (UK).

"Thieves, assassins and soldiers would all say the same thing. Just because it's their job, it won't pardon their sins. To cleanse your sins even a little, you must accomplish good deeds."

—Eiki Shiki's words to Reimu Hakurei, when Reimu attempts to excuse her behaviour


"I'm not a real nurse. It's just pretend."

—Suzy Sheep, Various episodes


—Suzy Sheep, Multiple episodes

Chop the tree down!

—Suzy Sheep, Multiple episodes

"I did not!"

—Suzy Sheep, The Quarrel

What's that?

—Suzy Sheep, Multiple episodes


  • She is the first secondary character that appears in the series.
  • She has an imaginary friend named Leo Lion as seen in Pretend Friend.
  • It’s unknown if Suzy has a father. If she doesn't, that makes her the only child without two parents shown in the series.
  • Suzy and her mother are one of the few family members shown wearing nearly identical colors. Both she and Mummy Sheep wear bubblegum pink, with Mummy Sheep's dress being a shade darker than Suzy's.
  • In "Soft Play", Suzy and along with Peppa rescued the adults from being stuck.
  • In ”Freddy Fox“ it’s implied that Suzy has a crush on Freddy Fox after he tells her that she smells beautiful.
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