Spider Web
Season 4, Episode 22
Air date December 21, 2011
Written by N/A
Directed by N/A
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Spider Web is the 22nd episode of season 4 in Peppa Pig making it the 179th episode overall. Peppa Pig and George Pig meet Mister Skinnylegs.


The episode opens with Daddy Pig in the office with lots of cobwebs. Peppa and Mummy Pig come into the office. Mummy Pig says that the office is a complete mess. Daddy Pig then states that he loves cobwebs. Mummy says cobwebs mean spiders and she hates spiders but Daddy Pig doesn't because spiders eat flies and flies are horrid. Mister Skinnylegs scares Mummy Pig. Mummy Pig wants the spider to be out of the house and die. Peppa, George, and Daddy are looking for the spider. Mummy screams in horror. Mister Skinnylegs is on the sink. Daddy Pig will put the spider in the garden. They put the spider in the garden but then it starts to rain. Mister Skinnylegs gets inside the waterspout. Then a musical number of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" starts to play. Peppa sings the song. Daddy Pig then puts the spider further into the garden. Mister Skinnylegs then makes a web in the tree. Then in morning the, spider makes a web on Daddy's car. Peppa tells Daddy to stop, stating that Mister Skinny Legs made a web on the car. Peppa tells Daddy Pig to go use her bike. The episode ends with Peppa, Mommy, George and, Mister Skinnylegs all laughing.


  • Daddy Pig forgot to cut the web with scissors so he can take the car to work.

Censorship & Banning

The episodes Mister Skinnylegs and Spider Web caused controversy in Australia, as the episode told children to befriend spiders. In reality, the spiders in Australia are the deadliest because of their poison. Then the episodes were banned.


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