Potato City
Season 4, Episode 1
DVD Potato City and Other Stories
Overall episode 158
Air date 23 May, 2011
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Peppa Pig Potato City season 4

Peppa Pig Potato City season 4

Potato City is the 1st episode of season 4, and the 158th episode overall.


Peppa and her family are going to Potato City!





Mr. Potato: "Welcome to Potato City!" Where the magic of vegetable's never ends!"

Suzy: "Why do you have dinosaur's in Potato City?"

Mr. Potato:"Cause dinosaurs ate potatoes?"
Edmond Elephant:"NO!"
Mr. Potato:"Anyway, children like dinosaurs!"

Mr. Potato: "You don't need to be frightened. They're not real. But they look exactly the same as the dinosaurs that walked together millions of years ago."

Edmond Elephant: "No they didn't."
Mr Potato: "What?!"
Edmond Elephant: "Triceratops lived in the Cretaceous Period. Stegosaurus was Jurassic. They could not have walked together."
Mr. Potato:"Er... how do you know that?"
Edmond:"I'm a clever clogs!"

Mr. Potato:"Role-up role-up for the Vegetable Roundabout Swing Thing!"

Narator:"Daddy Pig dosen't like heights!"

Mr. Potato:"See how vegetables grow! Learn how they keep us fit and healthy!"

Miss Rabbit:"Busy? No, this is quiet for Potato City!"

Mr. Potato:"And ride on the Potato Rocket!"