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The Playgroup in "Doctor Hamster's Tortoise".

In Peppa Pig, most children go to playgroup. The playgroup, which is run by Madame Gazelle, seems to be a mixture of a pre-school playgroup and a primary/elementary school. In fact, a lot of the structure found in playgroup is more like a school. This leads people questioning why toddlers like George Pig (who is two but was eighteen months) are mixed in with older people like Suzy Sheep (who is assumably five or six) but this is probably done to simply introduce the concept of school. Zaza and Zuzu started Playgroup in Parachute Games.

The exterior of the Playgroup building


One Time


  • There are different children in Playgroup.
  • Delphine Donkey only went Playgroup once.
  • There is a kitchen.[1]
  • Zuzu and Zaza are currently competitive from Playgroup.[2]
  • After the episode Kylie Kangaroo was released, Kylie was being considered if she should join playgroup or not. They decided no, and the idea was scrapped.
  • The roof may not be very strong, as there are many episodes where it leaks.[3][4][5][6]