Peggi and Pandora Panda are both the identical twin pandas and kids that attend Madame Gazelle's playgroup. They first appeared in "The Panda Twins". They mention they like solving mysteries and puzzles.

Physical Appearance

Peggi and Pandora both have big blackish-gray circles around her eyes, blackish-gray ears, a solid black nose, dark pink lips, pink cheeks, and a short tail. Peggi wears a red dress and black shoes and Pandora wears a sunshine yellow dress and a pair of black shoes, they both have a small tail.


They both have the same personality as the girls in the playgroup.



  • It is unknown if they have a mother, but she can be seen as a cameo in "The Perfect Day."
  • At first, Peppa doesn't know who's Peggi and who's Pandora.
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