Pedro Pony is a nice character in "Peppa Pig".


He is the son of his dad, Mr. Pony being an eye doctor, and his mother is Mummy Pony.


He is a child who is friends with Peppa and her friends. He is somewhat smart in his fields of interest - but otherwise appears to be kind of careless and air-headed. Lots of time, he gets late to school due to how he likes sleeping. Pedro also likes to play cowboys on some occasions. Pedro is usually lazy, and sleeps at daytime in some episodes. He can be shy as seen in the episode, the School Play. He also likes superheroes.


A tan pony with cream-colored spots on his head, with a tail. He has brown lips, a pink nose, and a pair of black glasses. He wears bright yellow with black shoes. His boots are purple.





  • In the episode "School Play", Peppa kissed Pedro on the cheek.
  • In the episode "The Eye Test" It is very bad that Pedro slips into the muddy puddle when playing with Peppa and George outside. He slips and loses his glasses and he can't see very well. George founds his glasses and put them on. But Peppa took them off and give them back to Pedro.
  • He is the "clumsy one" in Peppa's friends group.
  • His catchphrase is "Mmmh...interesting".
  • He broke his leg in an episode, but the reason is never mentioned.
  • Him and Molly are the only two kids in the playgroup with glasses.
  • His physical appearance is related to the cartoon character Arthur Read.
    • Both of them wear glasses. Pedro wears black glasses while Arthur wears brown glasses.
    • Both of them wear a yellow shirt.
    • Both of them are tan.
    • He was late in the school trip
    • people are crazy with pedro x zoe

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