Peppa Pig Series 1 Episode 23 Pancakes-1

Peppa Pig Series 1 Episode 23 Pancakes-1

Season 1, Episode 29
Mummy Pig putting the pancake on the plate
Overall episode 29
Air date 2 July, 2004
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Pancakes is episode 29 of Season 1 and the entire series.  


For Lunch the Pig Family decide to have pancakes!


For Tea Time the Pig's decide to make some pancakes. Daddy Pig wants to handle the flipping but Mummy Pig points out that he tends to drop the pancakes. He insists upon otherwise but everyone simply laughs before Mummy gets to work preparing the batter. She pours in some flour, egg, and milk and begins to stir the mix with Peppa and George. She stops them to avoid making a mess and turns on the stove to begin cooking. 

She flips a pancake perfectly but Daddy Pig doesn't think she flipped it good enough. She tells him to just wait for his own and he can handle it before setting down the Pancake for George. She puts on some syrup and he eats it before she begins with the next pancake. She makes one for Peppa, then for herself. 

Daddy Pig remains unpleased with her gentle pancake flipping though, so Mummy Pig allows him to take over for his own. As she expected though, it winds up being flung onto the ceiling. She points out that they don't have any more batter, then gets an idea. She, George, and Peppa run upstairs into their bedroom while Daddy Pig stands behind, trying to reach the pancake from the ceiling.

In the room, she she instructs the children to start jumping with it and after a few tries, the pancake falls down and lands on Daddy Pig's face. He doesn't complain though, instead he asked for some syrup and throws it into the air, catching it in his mouth. He eats it and comments on how delicious it was before everyone starts to laugh. 





  • Everyone except George called their pancake Delicious. 



  • When the camera was zooming out, the noodles in the background moved to the left.