Season 3, Episode 25
Air date 17 November 2009
Written by Neville Astley
Directed by Joris van Hulzen
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Peppa Pig - Numbers

Peppa Pig - Numbers

Numbers is the 25th episode of season 3 and the ___ episode overall.


At play time in Playgroup, Peppa, Suzy, Zoe and Rebecca decide to see who can jump rope the longest without stopping. Zoe wins and Pedro comes over stating he can hula hoop a million and three times. He is obviously lying but uses being tired as an excuse when he only hoops eight times. The whole playgroup then decide to play Leap Frog and learn to count to ten within the whole process. They tell this to Madame Gazelle (with the fact they have to be playing to do it) when playtime finishes but Daddy Pig arrives to pick Peppa and George up early. Madame Gazelle then decides he can help them jump rope ten times so they do. When they finish, Daddy Pig lies that he can skip one hundred times but settles on twenty when asked to do it. The skipping then continues through the credits.


  • Daddy Pig was the only adult in the episode besides Madame Gazelle.
  • When Richard and Edmond go to get the long jumprope, Edmond's laugh is normal, but Richard's uses George's sound.


Zoe:"Let see who can jump rope the highest with out  stopping."

Rebecca:"I'll count, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Zoe wins!"

Danny:"George wants to play leap frog!"

Daddy Pig:"I can skip to a hundred!"

Madame Gazelle:"Okay. To a hundred!"
Daddy Pig:"Er... how about to twenty?!"
Madame Gazelle:"Okay. To twenty!"