Mummy Rabbit's Bump
Season 4, Episode 10
Overall episode 167
Air date 27 May, 2011
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Mummy Rabbit's Bump is the 10th episode of Season 4, and the 167th episode in the series. It first aired on May 27th, 2011. 


Everyone becomes aware that Mummy Rabbit is pregnant after they notice the bump on her tummy. Will it just be one baby, or more? 


One day the children are playing together when they are joined by Rebecca and Richard. Rebecca reveals the bump in her tummy, and they wonder if she ate too much. But Rebecca reveals a baby is in her tummy, so they go to ask her for themselves. Mummy Rabbit lets Peppa listen to her tummy, then reveals that she does not have any name ideas yet. She asks the children if they would like to think up some names, then is invited inside by Mummy Pig. She asks her for a potato with jelly, strawberry jam, and cheese, which disgusts the children.

They then begin to laugh and get right to work thinking up names for both a girl and boy. The girls all think of R-names, while Pedro keeps insisting non-R names. But they happen to think of two very special names, Rosie, and Robbie. Peppa is a little saddened that they can't use both names though, and suddenly Mummy Rabbit begins to feel something!

They rush to the hospital and Mr. Rabbit goes to get Miss Rabbit, who works as a nurse. He informs her of the situation and Mummy Rabbit, Richard, and Rebecca are escorted inside. Mr. Rabbit parks the car and grabs all of the baby items, but by the time he arrives, Mummy has already given birth, so they do not need the items anymore. 

He is happy to find out that Mummy Rabbit has had a set of twins, and the next day everyone is invited to come and see them. She reveals that one is a boy, and one is a girl, and because of that they could use both names, Robbie and Rosie


"Don't panic! Don't panic! Anyone in? We're having a rabbit!" - Mr. Rabbit, entering to the hospital quick.

"Daddy! You missed all the excitement!" - Rebecca Rabbit, telling Mr. Rabbit the rabbit(s) have already been born.

"Wow! Wonderful." - Mr. Rabbit


  • This episode is the debut of Rosie and Robbie Rabbit. 
  • This is the only other episode to reveal that Miss Rabbit and Mummy Rabbit are not the same person. The only other time it happened was when Miss Rabbit got an injury and Mummy filled in for her at work.  
  • Some Disgusted Peppa, Suzy and Pedro like an Horrible Medicine from Not Very Well and Pedro's Cough.  



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