Muddy Puddles
Season 1, Episode 1
DVD Muddy Puddles and Other Stories
10 Years of Muddy Puddles
Overall episode 1
Air date May 31st, 2004
Featured Characters Peppa Pig
George Pig
Mummy Pig
Daddy Pig
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Peppa Pig-Peppa Pig Season 1 Episode 1 Muddy Puddles -FULL HD-

Peppa Pig-Peppa Pig Season 1 Episode 1 Muddy Puddles -FULL HD-

Muddy Puddles is the first episode of the first season of Peppa Pig.


After the rain stops, Peppa and George get ready to play one of their favorite games - jumping in muddy puddles!




Peppa and George waiting for the rain to stop.

One morning Peppa and George are sadly watching the rain outside. They wish to go out and play, and when the rain suddenly stops, Peppa asks Daddy Pig if they can. After he allows it they hurriedly run outside and Peppa starts jumping on a small mud puddle until Mummy Pig stops her and reminds her that she must not wear her boots/shoes. After changing, Peppa resumes jumping in the puddle. George runs by to join her, but Peppa reminds him that he has to not wear his boots/shoes too; so he runs back into the house to grab them and change. That makes Peppa very happy, because she likes to watch over George. 

Searching for puddles

Muddy Puddles "Come on George!"

Two muddy piggies...

When he returns they resume jumping until Peppa suggests they go to look for more. They jump in super tiny puddles, large puddles, and an even bigger mud puddle. But before George can jump into it, Peppa tells him to wait because she needs to make sure it's safe enough for him. In the process she accidentally splashes him with mud and he starts to cry until she reminds him that it is only mud. Which calms him down before he jumps into the puddle to splash Peppa. At first she seems displeased, but then they both end up falling back and begin to splash and roll in the mud.



...and another one!

After a while they decide to run inside and show Daddy Pig; who teases them by trying to guess just what the two of them were doing. After he guesses, he then suggests to them that they get cleaned up before Mummy Pig spots the mess. Peppa then asks if they can all go out to play and Daddy Pig agrees. After cleaning, Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy all change into their boots and head outside to play in the mud. They all jump in it until Daddy Pig falls over; momentarily worrying them all until Peppa points out it is only mud, and they all start to laugh. 

Character Appearances


  • Peppa: Daddy, it stopped raining. Can we go out to play?
  • Daddy Pig: Hah hah. Alright, run along you two.


  • Mummy Pig: If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.


  • Peppa: George, if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.


  • Peppa: Look George! There's a really big puddle!


  • Daddy Pig: Goodness Me!
  • Peppa: Daddy, Daddy! Guess what we've been doing!
  • Daddy Pig: Let me think, have you been watching television?
  • Peppa: No, no Daddy!
  • Daddy Pig: Have you just had a bath?
  • Peppa: No, no!
  • Daddy Pig: I know! You were jumping in muddy puddles!
  • Peppa: Yes, yes Daddy! We've been jumping in muddy puddles!


[Camera pans on Peppa's house in the rain.]

[Title appears and Peppa announces it.]

[George and Peppa are shown looking out of the window with sad faces.]

[Camera switches to George and Peppa inside of the house, looking out of the window.]

Narrator: It is raining today, so Peppa and George cannot play outside.

[Sun appears.]

[George and Peppa smile.]

Peppa: *snort* "Daddy! It's stopped raining! Can we go out to play?"

Daddy Pig: "Haha! Alright. Run along you two".

[George and Peppa both snort in excitement and run outside laughing.]

[Camera zooms in on Peppa's feet  stamping in the mud.]

[Camera zooms out on Peppa.]

Narrator: "Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles!"

Peppa: *Snort* " I love muddy puddles!"

[Peppa begins laughing, while jumping in the mud. Switching directions occasionally.]

[Mummy Pig's voice can be heard off-screen.]

Mummy Pig: "Peppa!"

[Mummy Pig can now be seen on screen walking towards Peppa.]

"If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots."

Peppa: "Sorry Mummy."

[Peppa walks out of the mud, takes off her shoes and puts on her yellow boots.]

[Peppa begins jumping in the puddle again once more ,laughing.]

[George can be heard off screen laughing as well.]

Narrator: "George likes to jump in muddy puddles too!"

[George jumps in the muddy puddle twice and snorts]

Peppa: "George! If you jump in muddly puddles, you must wear your boots. "

[George looks down below and wanders off]

[Peppa looks at George who is now off-screen re-assuringly]

[Peppa smiles when she sees George running back with his red boots on.]

[George jumps in the muddy puddle again and they both laugh.]

Peppa: "George, let's find some more puddles."

[Peppa and George begin jumping in a multitude of muddy puddles,both laughing]

Narrator: "Peppa and George are having a lot of fun!"

[Peppa approaches another muddy puddle]

"Peppa has found a little puddle."

"George has found a big puddle"

[George begins jumping in a big puddle]

[Peppa and George jump in each respective puddle simultaneously.]

[Peppa and George try to catch their breath]

[Peppa laughs briefly]

[Camera zooms in on Peppa's body]

[Peppa points right]

Peppa: "Look George! There's a really big puddle."

[George and Peppa move over to the puddle]

[George hops up and down excitedly]

Narrator: "George wants to jump in the big puddle first. "

[George leaps in, but Peppa abruptly catches him in the air]

Peppa: "Stop George!

[George starts flailing around, trying to escape from Peppa's grasp.]

Peppa: "I must check to see if it's safe for you."

[Peppa puts George down before jumping into the puddle herself. Mud gets all over George.]

Peppa: "Good, it is safe fo you!"

[George cries]

Peppa: "Sorry George, it’s only mud."

[George begins to laugh before jumping into the puddle, splashing Peppa]

[Both Peppa and George begin to laugh and splash each other with mud.]

Narrator: Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles.

[Camera zooms in to Peppa and George, showing that they're becoming dirty.]

[Camera zooms out.]

Peppa: Come on George, let's go and show Daddy!

[Peppa and George get up and runs out of the camera]

[Camera switches to the outside of Peppa's house]

[Peppa and George go in]

[Camera switches to Daddy Pig]

Daddy Pig: *snort* Goodness me!

Peppa Pig: Daddy daddy! Guess what we've been doing!

[Peppa is jumping while talking.]

Daddy Pig: Let me think... Have you been watching television?

Peppa: No, no, daddy.

Daddy Pig: Have you just had a bath?

[Peppa and George laughs]

Peppa: No, no!

Daddy Pig: I know! You've been jumping in muddy puddles!

Peppa Pig: Yes, yes, daddy! We've been jumping in muddy puddles!

[Peppa and George jumps]

Daddy Pig: Ho. Ho. And look at the mess you're in.

Peppa Pig: Oooh...

Daddy Pig: Oh, well, it's only mud.

Daddy Pig: Let's clean up quickly before Mummy sees the mess.

Peppa Pig: Daddy, when we've cleaned up, will you and Mummy come and play, too?

Daddy Pig: Yes, we can all play in the garden.

Narrator: Peppa and George are wearing their boots.

Narrator: Mummy and Daddy are wearing their boots.

Narrator: Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

Narrator: Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

Mummy Pig: Oh, Daddy Pig, look at the mess you're in.

Peppa Pig: It's only mud.

[Daddy Pig laughs]

[Everyone laughs]


  • In this episode, George's cry is different than usual. This cry would become lesser used over the series.
  • This is the only episode to show Peppa and George get extremely dirty from the mud.