Mrs. Cow is a minor character in Peppa Pig


A female Cow who works as a Nurse at the Hospital, usually with Mrs Fox. She has also worked with the other Mummies as a firefighter.


Not much is known about Mrs. Cow's personality.


Mrs. Cow is a white and black cow with two long ivory horns sticking up on top of her head. She has a dark pink nose and mouth. Her eyes have lavender makeup. She has black hair on the tip of her tail. She is normally depicted in a green dress or a nurse uniform.


"Tortoise, up a tree, again!?"


  • She shares some similarities with Mummy Zebra.
  • It is theorized that she is the wife of Mr. Bull as Bulls are normally regarded to be the male equivalent of cows.
  • A little cow appears in Mr Potato's Christmas Show, this is theorized to be her daughter.
  • She makes a singing cameo as a caroler during Santa's Grotto.