Mr. Potato Comes to Town
Season 3, Episode 17
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Mr. Potato Comes to Town

Mr. Potato Comes to Town is an episode of Peppa Pig.


Peppa and her friends visits the grand opening of the new sports centre in town and meet Mr. Potato.

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All of Peppa's town are excited to meet Mr Potato when he comes to open a new sports centre in town.

Peppa Pig and George are excited to go meet Mr Potato when he comes to town. Mr potato [Mr. Potato] shows Peppa and George’s drawings on TV and says that Daddy Pig needs to exercise more. Everyone needs to eat healthy and keep active.


The Pig Family are watching The Mr. Potato Show when Mr. Potato announces he will be opening the new sports centre in town that day so Peppa Pig, George Pig and Daddy Pig convinces Mummy Pig to take them. They arrive there and witness Mr. Potato opening the centre, after Peppa's friends mistaking them for Mr. Potato. Sometime later, the children are drawing pictures for Mr. Potato to look at on the show at Playgroup and George, Peppa and Pedro Pony's pictures are later shown on the show. Mr. Potato declares Peppa's drawing of Daddy Pig is his favourite and says that 'Daddy Pig needs some exercise' which leads on to the 'jumping up and down' section of the show.



  • A lot of people were already in the centre before it opened.
    • Additionally, a lot of the people seen in the centre were incorporated into the background of the scene before outside the centre.


"I'm very good at eating vegetables."
Daddy Pig
"Should we eat potatoes?"
Peppa Pig
"Why aren't you small like a normal potato?"
Suzy Sheep
"Because he's not a normal potato, he's got legs."
Peppa Pig
"He's a super potato!"
Pedro Pony
"Hmm... Look like Daddy Pig needs some exercise."
Mr. Potato