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"I take big numbers, transmute them, and calculate their low-bering tangents."Daddy Pig
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Mandy Mouse is a supporting character in "Peppa Pig".


Mandy Mouse is disabled and in a wheelchair due to being born with legs that do not work well. She's about 4 years old (Now turned 5 after Mandy Mouse's Birthday). Her mum is Mummy Mouse but her dad is unseen. She has many talents including playing the recorder and basketball. She is commonly found in the background of episodes holding a ball. She said that she wanted to be a nurse when she was older because she dressed up as one in the book episode.


Mandy Mouse wears a pink dress and black shoes with a hot-pink outline. She has rose-pink cheeks and a pink, mouse-like nose. She has baby-pink ears with a brown outlines, on a dark blue wheelchair.


  • The sound that Mandy Mouse makes is "Squeak!", just like the Rabbit and Mole family.
  • Her mother always carries her out and into the wheelchair.
  • Despite properly debuting in "Mandy Mouse", she was a background character in the episode, "London".
  • She is the fastest of them all due to her wheelchair.
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