A handful of characters

There is a wide cast of characters in this colourful series. Ranging from all sorts of animals, personalities, and colors.

On this page, you will find a list of every named character with links to their personal pages, where you can learn more about them.

Also visit Misc. Characters for background characters.

Main Characters


all the characters

The Pigs

The Rabbits

The Sheep

The Cats

The Dogs

The Ponies

The Zebras

The Elephants

The Donkeys

The Foxes

The Kangaroos

The Wolves

The Cows/Bulls

The Rhinos

The Goats

The Bears

The Giraffes

The Moles

Other Characters

The Pets and Animals

  • Goldie
  • Polly Parrot
  • Jemima, Sarah and Vanessa - Granny Pig's hens.
  • Neville - is Granny Pig's cockerel.
  • Ginger - Is Miss Rabbit's Pet goldfish and is Goldie's friend.
  • Tiddles the Tortoise - is Doctor Hamster's pet tortoise.
  • Keiko - is Edmond's pet lizard.
  • Steven - is Pedro's pet stick insect.
  • Mr. Hedgehog
  • Mrs. Duck
  • Mr. Fish
  • Mr. Skinnylegs
  • Wasp


  • Suzy is the only child in the series depicted without a Father.
  • Gabriella is the only child without a Mother.
  • The Rabbit Family are the only ones with more than two children (the other ones being The Zebra Family); as they gain two more babies later in the series for a total of four. 
  • Miss Rabbit works almost every job.