Kylie Kangaroo
Season 4, Episode 14
Overall episode 171
Air date 9 November, 2011
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Kylie Kangaroo is episode 14 of season 4. It is episode 171 in the entire series. 


Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig introduce some family friends to their children when they show up for a surprise visit. 


One lovely sunny day, the Pig Family are greeted by Mr and Mrs. Kangaroo, who have just drove up to their home for a visit. Mr. Kangaroo reminds Daddy Pig that he offered to let them come by for a visit some time when they met at an Air Port some years back. Mrs. Kangaroo introduce them to their children they have had since then, Kylie and her little brother, Joey. 

While the Pig's are still surprised, they see no harm in the visit and drink some lemonade with them. Then he decides that they can have a barbaque and begins to set up his barbaque cooker, insisting they can do it as thanks for allowing them to come by. They decide to make some corn on the cob and Peppa runs off with George and Kylie to play in the garden, where the trio begin looking for some muddy puddles they can play in. Sadly they are unable to find any though and Kylie wishes that it would rain. 

Mummy Pig is concerned that it may rain and Daddy Pig points out that it often rains during barbacues. While he continues to cook the food, Mr. Kangaroo points out that they really love the rain. 

Peppa and George decide to hop around despite the lack of mud and Kylie takes her turn. They are joined by Rebecca, who comments that Rabbits are the best jumpers. Peppa insists that this isn't true though and she tries to tell Kylie to jump and show her how high she can go; but Kylie doesn't want to show-off. 

However, Peppa convinces her to jump anyway and she surprises them. They are joined by Pedro, who claims that with his bouncy ball he can jump higher. But not impressed Peppa insists once again that Kylie is better. She forces her to jump again after Pedro asks to see it. After she does, it then begins to pour down rain.

The children run up the grassy hill to the pig family and Kangaroo and hide under the giant umbrella Mr. Kangaroo has with him. Then he announces that the food is ready and they all begin to eat a piece of corn on the cob until the rain stops. Then they run back down to the bottom of the hill where the muddy puddles are now formed. 


Kylie: I don't want to show-off... 

Peppa: *whispering* Just do it!

Pedro: "Nobody can jump higher then me!"