Kylie Kangaroo is a character in Peppa Pig, appearing only in Kylie Kangaroo and the Australia segments of Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience.


A young girl who comes from Australia with her family, Mummy Kangaroo, Daddy Kangaroo, and her baby brother, Joey Kangaroo.


Kylie appears to be reserved and gentle. She is a talented jumper - but she is very kind and compliments others often. She is humble with her skills.


Kylie resembles her family and has tan skin, a black nose, and dark pink lips. Her cheeks are light pink. She wears black shoes and a violet dress.


"I don't want to show off."
Kylie Kangaroo
— Kylie Kangaroo


  • Kylie is the second character Peppa meets from outside of her home area.
  • Kylie should have a pouch.
  • Kylie's singing voice is unknown.
  • Kylie has seen in The Wiggles Electronic Storybook The Lost Joey.