Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are the grandparents of Peppa and George in Peppa Pig.


Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are the parents of Mummy Pig and assumedly Auntie Dottie, parents-in-law of Daddy Pig, grandparents of Peppa and George, and also related to Chloe Pig, Baby Alexander, Uncle Pig, and Auntie Pig. They are often visited by the Pig Family or come by their home to see them or babysit Peppa and George.

Grandpa Pig's best friend is Granddad Dog, and he can be found usually chatting about boats or fishing with him or the other grandfathers.

They have a pet named Polly Parrot.


Like any other grandparents, they dote on their family and love to spend time with them. They also collect various kitsch, and love to sail, garden, or just relax at the beach.

Granny Pig appears to be more mature and calm than Grandpa Pig, and serves as a voice of reason for others. She has many pets which mainly include: Polly Parrot three chickens, and a rooster. She is reserved in that she normally sounds quiet and gentle - at least until Grandpa Pig does something. In which case she will scold him for it. She loves garden gnomes and collects them.

Grandpa Pig meanwhile, appears childish and a bit immature. He has a competitive streak with his best friend and often bickers with him, much like how Peppa and Suzy tend to argue or complain about each other. Deep down he does care for Granddad Dog, but his boastful nature and pride prove to be more dormant. He gets along well with Peppa and George very-well, and doesn't really care for Granny's gnomes or garden accessories. 


As elderly pigs, their skin appears to be very pale and a bit wrinkled. Granny has white eyelashes, while Grandpa Pig has white facial hair. They both have light pink cheeks and wear the same attire as others. Grandpa Pig wears an indigo outfit, while Granny Pig wears a dark pink dress.


Granny Pig

  • "Hello, my little ones!"


  • Granny wears lavender-scented Perfume.