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Granddad Dog is Danny Dog's grandfather.


Granddad Dog with Mummy Dog

The father of Captain Dog and father-in-law of Mummy Dog. He is the grandfather of Danny Dog, and his best friend is Grandpa Pig. He is a mechanic and enjoys going out to ocean, like his son Captain Dog. He is the owner of his own garage. He dislikes hearing Grampy Rabbit sing.


Granddad Dog appears to be smart, with a knowledge in both sea-related things and mechanic work. He has a bit of a short temper when dealing with the other Grandfathers, and sometimes bickers with Grandpa Pig and insults his skills as a captain - as Grandpa Pig does with him, but he cares about his friend a great deal. He is kind to the children and women however.


A pale grey-brown dog with wrinkles, brown lips, and white facial hair. His cheeks are dull light red, and he has a black nose. He wears a dull, dark green-blue outfit with black shoes. Usually he wears a red hat, either that for sailing or mechanic work.


"To the rescue!"

"Petrol, or diesel?"

"Woof woof!"

"Are you sure you don't want any type of petrol?"

"Heres your cheese."


  • Apparently, it is somewhat implied that Granddad Dog and Grandpa Pig have some kind of rivalry, but they also appear to be friends.
  • Both Grandpa Pig and Granddad Dog are both sailors.
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