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Grampy Rabbit (birthname Reggie Rabbit) is a supporting character in "Peppa Pig".


He is an adventurous rabbit, Grampy Rabbit is friends with the other elderly characters - although they sometimes seem to find his stories or songs a little annoying sometimes. Like Miss Rabbit, he has a few businesses and jobs he does around town. He’s the father of Mummy Rabbit and Miss Rabbit, the father-in-law of Daddy Rabbit, and the grandfather of Rebecca Rabbit, Richard Rabbit, and Rosie and Robbie Rabbit.


He’s a pale grey rabbit with a small number of wrinkles, mainly visible on his long ears. He has white eyebrows to match his big mustache and beard, pale pink blushed cheeks and a dark pink nose. He usually wears dull dark blue with a dull dark blue sailing beanie hat with a light dull blue anchor.


He’s an elderly rabbit who appears to be a bit absent-minded, childish and eccentric. For someone older, he possesses a lot of energy and naturally gets along very well with children. He’s known for telling wild, made-up stories.


  • He loves cheese.
  • He is the only rabbit that isn't shown to be fond of carrots, outside of background characters.
  • It’s revealed that he lives in a lighthouse.
  • It is unknown if Grampy Rabbit has a wife or his wife might be Mademoiselle Lapin who is divorced from Peppa Pig's world.[1]
  • In the episode, "Desert Island", he was stuck on a deserted island along with Granddad Dog and Grandpa Pig. Luckily, he was good at yelling and he yelled for help, loud enough to alert Daddy Dog. He does the same in two other episodes. This proves that his yelling can be useful sometimes.
  • His birthname was revealed in "Sea Treasure".
  • He looks like Richard when he was named Reggie Rabbit.
  • He also voices Boss Nass from Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace.
  • In Rescuing Miss Rabbit!, it confirms that his daughter is Miss Rabbit.


  • He works as a captain.
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