Gerald Giraffe is a character debuting in the episode of the same name.


Gerald is the tallest of the children because of the obvious, he is a giraffe.


He somewhat cares about himself being tall, but he is a nice friend. Gerald also appears to be a life-saver because he rescued Tiddles and a ball. He dislikes hide and seek and is very shy.


Gerald has a long neck and he has been shown to use it grab things that are high up, like in a tree. Gerald has a navy blue shirt, and black shoes, his tail is yellow with a brown end in three protrusions. He has brown mane sticking out of his neck and is covered with light brown spots.


  • As said above, Gerald is the tallest of his classmates and friends.
  • He is somewhat rounder than his friends.
  • Peppa had thought he was very old in the beginning of the episode.
  • Concidentally, when Madame Gazelle introduced Gerald, it was quite like the introductory of Emily Elephant, with their classmates discovering their long features during play.
  • He shows signs of innocence like every other character.
  • He is a Background Character in current Episodes
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