Gabriella Goat is a character who appears in Peppa Pig during a special.


The daughter of an Italian family. Her father is, Signor Goat and he tends to the Vacation House the Pig Family stays at. Her auntie runs the Gift Shop in town.


Not much is known regarding Gabriella. She appears to be friendly and kind to the guests or tourists, and is proud of her italian roots. 


Gabriella is pale cream with dark pink lips, a pink nose, and pale purple blushed cheeks. She has pale tan horns and a short tail. Her shoes are black and her dress is light teal. 


  • The village is very pretty. Baaa!



  • Gabriella seems to have been a composite character from a few of Peppa's friends:
    • Her skin matches that of Rebecca. 
    • She makes the same sounds as Suzy. 
    • Her dress color matches Candy Cat's. 
  • In the special, her nose appears to be purple while her cheeks are pale purple. But in some shots they appear pink.
  • Gabriella is the only child introduced in a Special.
    • She is also the only child with no mention of a Mother. 
  • Gabriella's Italian name, Gabriella Capra, got Astley Baker fined for upsetting the real Gabriella Capra, an Italian businesswoman.[1]