Flying On Holiday
Season 4, Episode 36
DVD The Holiday and Other Stories
Overall episode 36
Air date June 15, 2012
Featured Characters Peppa Pig
George Pig
Mummy Pig
Daddy Pig
Granny Pig
Grandpa Pig

Suzy Sheep
Mr. Bull
Miss Rabbit
Mr. Rhino
Captain Emergency
Doctor Elephant (cameo)
Mummy Elephant (cameo)
Emily Elephant (cameo)
Edmond Elephant (cameo)
Mr. Pony (cameo)
Mummy Pony (cameo)
Wendy Wolf (cameo)
Delphine Donkey (cameo)
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Flying on Holiday is the 36th episode of the 4th season. this is the 1st part of the Holiday.


Peppa and George are bags! Where will they go on holiday? Peppa and George take the very important ones on holiday (Teddy and Dinosaur), not all the toys! Granny and Grandpa Pig and Suzy are looking after Goldie the fish when Peppa and her family are away on holiday.


  • Emily Elephant and her family are making a brief non speaking cameo in this episode so it is revealed that they're at the airport because they're going on holiday to a resort.
  • This is the debut of Captain Emergency Mole, the airplane pilot.
  • This is the second time for when George says "Airplane! Erowwwwww!". The first is The Flying Vet.