Fancy Dress Party
Season 1, Episode 38
Overall episode 38
Air date 31 October, 2004
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Fancy Dress Party is the 38th episode of Season 1 and the 38th episode overall.


Peppa and George decide to hold a dress up party for them and their friends.


One day, Peppa and George invite their friends for a Fancy Dress Party. George dresses as a dinosaur while Peppa dressed up as a fairy princess. Her friends show up, with Suzy dressed as a nurse, Danny is a pirate, Candy is a witch, Pedro is a clown, and Rebecca dressed as a carrot.

Daddy Pig brings the children in, where Peppa greets them. The children all show off their fun costumes and play together as Peppa goes off to admire herself in the mirror until Candy interupts. Peppa shows her the wand she has, and Candy reveals her own magical wand and the two girls begin to play. So George uses this time to look at himself in the mirror, only to scare himself and he bursts into tears, until Mummy Pig comes over to show him.

It's then the children have a fancy dress costume contest. They decide to let Peppa judge, because it's her party. Daddy Pig explains how judging works, and in the end, she picks herself!

Daddy and Mummy Pig explain to Peppa that she can't just pick herself as the winner, so after thinking it over, Peppa decides the winner should be Rebecca, the Carrot. With that everyone begins to laugh as the episode ends.





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