Doctor Elephant is a character in Peppa Pig.


Doctor Elephant is the father of Emily Elephant and Edmond Elephant, he is also the husband of Mummy Elephant. He also works as a dentist.


He seems to be kind, fun and also helpful. He takes good care of his patients and helps them.


Doctor Elephant wears a white outfit, a red bow, and black shoes like everyone else. He has grey colored skin, dark pink lips and peachy colored cheeks.



  • He's one of the non-glasses daddy.
  • In the episode ”Peppa’s Circus” Emily tells Peppa that her daddy was in the circus and he sold tickets.
  • In the episode “Soft Play” it revealed that Dr. Elephant is very ticklish when Peppa and Suzy were trying to get him unstuck from the Soft Play jungle gym.