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Cold Winter Day is the 52nd (also last) episode of Peppa Pig from the second season. It is episode 104



Peppa and George go outside with their winter clothes on, alongside their boots. They notice that the trees have lost their leaves, and eventually a Muddy Puddle. When Peppa attempts to jump on it, she just slips on it because the puddle has frozen over.

Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig soon appear wearing their winter clothes. Daddy attempts to jump on the puddle as well, and although he slips, he doesn't fall down. Peppa says to them both that she is sad that the puddle has frozen. Mummy Pig decides to feed some bread to the ducks.

However, when they reach the pond, the Ducks are out of it because the pond has frozen over as well, which Peppa and George notice when the bread just stays on the top. Around this time, it starts to snow, and Peppa and George start getting excited. Peppa and George then catch snowflakes around the time the entire area is covered in snow.

All of Peppa's Friends take off, and eventually, the pigs reach to the top of the hill, but Daddy Pig slips and slides down the hill like a toboggan, and ends up with Peppa and George winning the race! Daddy Pig doesn't find it funny, but eventually, everyone ends up laughing at the end, ending the episode.


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