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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/2/2016

The category "Other Characters"

I have seen some character pages with the category "other characters".
Though some of the characters that are put in that category are not other characters.
Other characters are pets, toys, food, things like that. 
I have been removing some of them, shall I continue?
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• 4/29/2016
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• 1/4/2016

A question

could we do a party on the live chat?
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• 11/16/2015

Properly Using Categories

Honestly - it's a bit frustrating when I have to go in to remove them from pages that don't need specific categories. I decided to make this for those who may not know how to sort or use Categories, never paid them attention, or just don't care.
What Are Categories?
Categories are tabs/buttons people use in order to find pages related to the subject. Each page is like a file, and to be filed properly it must be given the right Categories. If not, it can wind up on pages it doesn't need to be affeliated with.
Badge Hunting
This is unfortuntely often the cause. People will add the wrong categories to pages because they believe they can get the badge faster. It works, but most wikia will either ban the person or remove badges all together. I don't want to resort to that, so please respect basic Wikia Rules and do not try to Badge Hunt. Your memership will also be temporarily evoked unless it happens on multiple occasions.
Examples of Applying Categories
Here are two examples of Proper Categorizing.
Right - Say the episode is "Suzy and Peppa go on a small adventure after they come across a new area at the Playground." 'As an episode, you would put the two episode cats. "Episodes" and "Season __ Episodes".
Wrong - Adding Character-based cats to episodes. They are strictly for characters, not the episodes.
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• 1/2/2015

animal sounds

what sounds that each animal family makes?
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